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Hey Biscuiteers,

I’m putting down the snacks for a bit to work on completing a long held personal goal of hiking the Maryland portion of the Appalachian Trail without stopping. It’s 40+ miles, and I am WOEFULLY unprepared for it, so keeping a blog on things that are great but prohibitive from completing this task is counter-productive.

I’ll be back, and the biscuits, whiskey, and beer will as well. In the meantime, follow the new adventures at:


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Charlie Mewshaw

Dad duds – a metamorphic process.

It’s been about a year since we expanded our family unit with a brand new human, and man does it feel like I’ve discovered the secret to time travel. By adding the element of a baby into your everyday life, you too can careen through space and time! The rub here is that you can only speed things up, and go forward.

I saw my reflection in a store front window the other day, and realized that this form of time travel has had an unexpected, and rapid transformative process in my appearance. It seems that previously held notions of what was acceptable for every day casual wear have shifted from “that looks alright” to “what will hide stains, and support my back”.

Let’s take a look shall we:

Day Zero Outfit : A typical outfit worn out of the house for years prior, acceptable at the grocery store, to dinner, or to go see show (remember doing that?! You used to do that all the time!)

Black hoodie

Black shirt featuring some kind of band related art

Black Jeans

Black Socks

Black Chuck Taylor low-tops

Current Thoughts: too much black, every weird stain that comes from holding a baby is immediately obvious on this getup. Also, the jeans do not allow for holding baby-related accessories, and the shoes are fine for carrying a new-born, but not lugging a 30lb pre-toddler, and the related backpack full of supplies.

Six Month Outfit: This outfit is acceptable to wear to the store, running errands, or bopping about town. Still not all in for nights out, I was still making an effort when those would arise.

Grey Hoodie – (move up a size)

Grey shirt / plain – (move up a size)

Grey Cargo Shorts – (holding on to the same size…getting tight! Also, cargo shorts, bane of women everywhere and gift to dads from above are now my exclusive legwear)

Black socks

Old Running Shoes – sorry Chucks, I’ll wear you the next time I go out (ha!), but I need some support, shoes I cut the grass in? You’re back in the rotation.

Current Thoughts: Learning to hide stains and prioritizing comfort, way to go! Getting a little bigger, but hey, its ok, you’re a dad! Those cargo shorts are killing it for holding pacifiers, bottles, and toys!

Year 1 Outfit: This outfit is not acceptable anywhere to those without kids, and is a mish-mash of whatever’s handy, but its comfy, I don’t care, and it’s getting worn EVERYWHERE

Black Shirt – (I’m still me! See! I’m wearing my old shirts…just bigger!)

Camo Cargo Shorts – (social rules be damned, the camo hides all stains and spills! Also, I’m tired of snug pants, moving up in size.)

Whatever socks are clean

Brand new Merrell’s – Old man shoes! They’re so comfy! How did I live without you?! I’m flying! I didn’t know what these were until a month ago, but now I wear them everywhere, even to work.

Current Thoughts: #Dadsohard, I am the pinnacle of dad-fashion, a doughy, sleepy, but happy guy.


This entry was a little text heavy, but if you made this far, you must’ve enjoyed it. Tune in next week for a road trip edition of Biscuits Whiskey & Beer!

Your sleepy host,

-Charlie Mewshaw