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Hey Biscuiteers,

I’m putting down the snacks for a bit to work on completing a long held personal goal of hiking the Maryland portion of the Appalachian Trail without stopping. It’s 40+ miles, and I am WOEFULLY unprepared for it, so keeping a blog on things that are great but prohibitive from completing this task is counter-productive.

I’ll be back, and the biscuits, whiskey, and beer will as well. In the meantime, follow the new adventures at:


See ya real soon!

You host,

Charlie Mewshaw

Triathlon-A-Thon 2: The Fundraisening UPDATE!

Hey Biscuiteers, quick update on the 2017 Triathlon-a-Thon. We had to adjust the schedule due to the foosball host establishment unexpectedly going out of business (whoops!)

Without further delay, here’s the updated plan for Saturday September 9, 2017:

2:30 – Foosball at Tylers’s Taproom (102 E Main St, Carrboro, NC 27510)

3:45/4:00ish – Pinball at The Baxter Arcade (108 N Graham St, Carrboro, NC 27510)

5:00ish– Skeeball and Prizes at Zog’s Art Bar (108 Henderson St, Chapel Hill, NC 27514)

The entire distance from start to end is 1.1 miles, so its still walkable. There is street parking along the route, and a free public lot behind Tylers, plus the free Carrboro parking garage nearby

To recap:

1 – Make a tax-deductible donation to Residential Services pet relief fund HERE

full URL –

2 – Come out on Saturday September 9 at 2:00pm, and have a blast, collect your goodies, and potentially win fabulous prizes. If you want to donate but can’t make it out, I will mail you your shirt and koozie!

3 – Feel excellent knowing you made a tangible difference in supporting an amazing cause.

Thank you for the continued support – please share info about the event 🙂

The 2nd Annual Triathlon-A-Thon

That’s right biscuiteers, the Triathlon-a-Thon is returning! Mark your calendars for Saturday Sept. 9 2017!

Sign up / donate here:

Triathlon-a-Thon 2: The Fundraisening will be coming to Chapel Hill at the end of the summer. Last year we bounced around Raleigh, had a great time, a great turnout, a great pizza sponsorship from realty expert Matt Szalecki (for all your triangle related real estate needs, check out the links below), and most importantly made a tangible contribution to supporting independent lifestyles of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

For those just tuning check out the full breakdown on the page link to the left, same great cause, awesome new events. More details on specifics to be posted here soon.

So what are we gonna do?! In response to suggestions from last year, this year’s event will be fully walkable and will include: FOOSBALL, SKEEBALL, and PINBALL. Like last year, there will be fabulous prizes in each category, and participants will receive tremendous gifts for their donations in the amount of $20 or more! Details to follow soon, but mark your calendars now for Saturday, September 9 2017! If you want to donate, but can’t make the event, that’s cool too! We will be using Crowdrise again to ensure RSI receives all donations directly, and sending out the thank you gifts to all donors of $20 or more, not just attendees.

Thanks for reading, let’s do some good and have some fun!




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Georgia on My Mind – An Epic Quest Through the American South

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Biscuits and More in Marietta, Georgia. It’s an unassuming place, located in a strip mall, with friendly staff, and you get the sense that there is a real community of regulars. Additionally, beyond the regulars exchanging knowing glances at each other and the staff, there are newspaper articles and local sports memorabilia on the walls (including local high schools), that also give the sense that Biscuits and More is a part of the larger surrounding community as well.

It reminded me of a deli I went to a couple times as a teenager, and I immediately loved the place.

I was accompanied by my grandfather for this visit, it’s his preferred spot, and we were in his neck of the woods. Having heard about it from him for some time, I was really excited, and was not let down. I stuck with what he said was a solid choice: I had a standard bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit with a small black coffee. There of course was more on the menu (it is Biscuits and More – no just capital ‘B’ Biscuits), but I kept it simple.

There really were biscuits, and more!

The biscuit itself was comparable in size to McDonalds, softer in texture, which was a surprise, but I have to say, it had a great buttery flavor, and the bacon was GREAT. Holy crap, that was a long sentence. Back to the bacon – it was crisp, but chewy, which is my preferred form of bacon. The eggs were folded over VERY neatly, and the American cheese was your standard slice. It was a solid, no frills, low-price flavor bomb, and I could’ve destroyed about half a dozen of these things.

I inhaled half this thing before taking pics…whoops.

There’s something magical about road-trip biscuits that can cause rose-tinted biscuit vision, but this wasn’t a travel-weary overhype, Biscuits and More is a legitimately great locally owned biscuit spot that means a lot to its clientele. The staff knows this, and the clientele in turn mean a lot to them.

Thanks for the tip Pop, let’s go again sometime!

See you next time biscuiteers!

-Charlie Mewshaw

4 Dollar Biscuit

It’s been a long time since I’ve written about a biscuit…whoops. So lets bounce back in style with a gourmet one. A biscuit alone, no sandwich, just a biscuit made from flour that was ground by diamonds from gilded grains. A biscuit who’s dough was hand kneaded by the supple hands of michelin rated cherubs, brushed with butter made from a combination of arctic glacial salts, and cream from a local, grass-fed, antibiotic free, free-roaming cow on the open plains of the North Carolina piedmont…why else would it cost four bucks?

Last year I wrote about the bourgeois biscuits of Raleigh’s Fiction Kitchen. It was for the wife’s bday brunch, an annual tradition. This year she chose a brunch Acme in Carrboro, NC. Now full disclosure: I do have an aversion to brunch culture – I think it’s a bit done-up/overly fancy, and that brunch should just be a good breakfast spread eaten later than a normal breakfast. Instead, it’s evolved into something fancy, and boozy, and it’s just not my thing.

So we arrive at Acme, and she takes our kid to the bathroom straight away, leaving me alone at the table. I swear to you, the people sitting next to me were some of the worst stereotype brunchers ever. They were loud, dumb, and actually kind of offensive in the things they were saying. They were also really hard on the server, and I felt awful for him. So the wife rejoins us after the wee one’s wee is clean, and she’s even like “those people are awful…”

The food comes out, it’s excellent, and mine includes a biscuit. It was really good, the bottom reminded me of McDonalds, crispy but buttery. The top was a golden mountain range of flavor bumps, and the middle was light but slightly doughy, it was really, really good. Also, it was big, that’s worth noting.  On the side was a strawberry butter…having never had such a thing, I was quite taken with it and ate a lot.

Flavor bumps!

I have absolutely nothing negative to say about the food, staff, or ambience of Acme, I think as an upscale dining establishment its great…BUT…that side biscuit was FOUR BUCKS! Not a value, and special occasions only for sure.

See you next time!

Charlie Mewshaw

Triathlon-A-Thon Recap

We had a great time today out at 401 Golf and The Alley! Thank you to everyone who donated, and everyone who was able to make it out to the event.

The gang’s all here!

The results are in and our champions are as follows:

Golf – Andrew Scercy

Bowling – Michael Venutolo-Montavani (Mike V)

Pinball – Brittany Perry

The real MVP of the event was Matt Szalecki who came through in a pinch to furnish pizzas to the group. If you need a realtor, he’s your guy, and his contact info can be found HERE.

This is a definite do-again for next year 🙂

See ya real soon,

Charlie Mewshaw

Dunkin Donuts

First off, let it be known that I love Dunkin Donuts. I drink my coffee from a DD travel mug, I think Munchkins are a fantastic excuse to eat 3 regular donuts worth of donut in bite size form, I believe that the DD chocolate frosted donut is the perfect version of a donut.

This is a 2.8mb hi-res image of the greatest donut ever. Click on it and taste greatness.
This is a 2.8mb hi-res image of the greatest donut ever. Click on it and taste greatness.

I remember the donut guy commercials, I regularly say “time to make the donuts” when I get ready to stuff that has nothing to do with donuts, I even remember DD cereal. They had this sausage English muffin thing a few years ago…awesome. Healthy egg-white snack wrap things? Awesome.

I clearly remember the kid named Greg that lived in the corner house at the end of the street with the asshole of an older brother had this in his parents kitchen.
I clearly remember the kid named Greg that lived in the corner house at the end of the street with the asshole of an older brother had this in his parents kitchen.

You know I’m not alone in this view either, look here at Super Bowl Champion Joe Flacco, I bet we could bro out over what to pick while waiting in line at DD.

Flacco. DD. Awesome.
Flacco. DD. Awesome.

That’s why it saddens and hurts me to say that the chicken breakfast biscuit from DD is not very good.

Next stop, disappointment.
Next stop, disappointment.

The biscuit itself is ok, and holds the sole redeeming traits of the experience. It’s buttery, dense, and rich, but feels industrial. Like those weird sandwiches in vending machines, it’s just off.

Not big enough to impress, not unique enough to warrant revisiting.
Not big enough to impress, not unique enough to warrant revisiting.

Where things really go to hell is the chicken they put on this thing. It’s the to a chicken patty from a microwaved Hungry-Man dinner. Weird, chewy, lukewarm, soggy on the outside, and with a funny aftertaste.

An inch and a half of let down: the Dunkin biscuit story.
An inch and a half of let down: the Dunkin biscuit story.

Again, I love Dunkin, America RUNS on it if the ads are to be believed, but this is a biscuit better left alone.

See you next time, when I tell the tale of an exploding beer.

Your host,

Charlie Mewshaw

PS – We are at 40% of the goal for the Triathlon-a-Thon! Want to make a tangible difference in the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by helping their furry friends? Of course you do, jerks don’t read this site! So go to the link below and consider a donation, I’ll send you a shirt to say thanks:

Time-Out 24/7

Time-Out is a 24 hour a day / 365 day a year Chapel Hill institution that has been a part of the community for over 35 years. It has been visited repeatedly by sports legends, featured on Man vs. Food (as a community spotlight, not a challenge), and is widely regarded as THE go-to late night spot by UNC students and townies alike. It’s main location on Franklin St. is a new-ish spot for the establishment with its prior location being a little further down the road, but the food has remained unchanged, and the service is still excellent.

Always open, always good.

The menu is extensive and filled with Southern delights like pork BBQ, okra, mac n’ cheese, greens, delicious pies, and more. A side note on the pies: I have a buddy who while living in the area was known to pick up a slice on the way home from an evening of revelry knowing how good it would be the next morning with coffee. I don’t know why, but this really stuck with me as an amazing idea and I now do it myself. I gloss over their excellent and expansive menu, because while it’s worth mentioning, the main event for me is the chicken and cheddar biscuit.

Rectangular in shape, it’s big (4.5” by 4”), it’s hefty, it’s great. Using once rolled dough (explanation below), the flavor is buttery – but not soggy, a little crispy and light enough that you can eat the whole thing and not feel gross, but substantial enough that it serves as a meal in itself. The freshly fried, seasoned in house chicken, is done just right, and tastes just like homemade. Not too greasy, with a great crispy outside, and never overdone. The use of cheddar cheese over American elevates this biscuit sandwich beyond breakfast item and into the realm of anytime greatness, it’s no wonder Time Out is open 24 hours – I’ve had it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night snack.

This lovely info flier explains why this is an amazing biscuit.
This lovely info flier explains why this is an amazing biscuit.

IMG_9103 IMG_9102 IMG_9104

For an in depth, behind the scenes look at how they get made (theres a ton of butter and a cool custom tray), check out this video from Man Vs. Food:

Over 3.8 million sold...thats nuts.
Over 3.8 million sold…that’s nuts.

I could stop here, but it’s worth noting that Time Out’s long and storied past has involved expansions into Raleigh, a sports bar, and a fleet of roving biscuit-mobiles (you could just call them food trucks, but I like biscuit-mobile), and sponsoring something called The Eno Beach Shag Club with a trailer emblazoned with festive frogs, truly the sun never sets on the Time-Out empire.

Sports Bars!
Sports Bars!
Biscuit Mobiles!
Biscuit Mobiles!
Beach music enthusiast sponsored trailers!
Beach music enthusiast sponsored trailers!

The environment is always upbeat and I’ve had many magical Time-Out late night adventures, but one of note stands out. This past winter I was in line with some friends, having just come from a show at Local 506, reveling in the glow of cheap domestics, a traveling Australian man came in behind us and proceeded to ask what the fuss was about. We informed him of the biscuit, and proceeded to have an hour long conversation about individuals who don’t wear shoes to the shopping mall (bogans), controversial politicians, sports, computers, individuals who engage in questionable activities with sheep (New Zealanders – per the Aussie), bars, and Paul Hogan (a national treasure – again, per the Aussie). Basically Time-Out’s chicken cheddar biscuits facilitated a diplomatic exchange between two nations that served to strengthen international bonds, heavy stuff man.

"G'day mate, come fer ya biscuits I have." -Paul Hogan, National Treasure of Oz
“G’day mate, come fer ya biscuits I have.”
-Paul Hogan, National Treasure of Oz

Until next time biscuiteers,

Charlie Mewshaw

Links to businesses mentioned: – Time Out’s site – Local 506 – Australia – The Eno Beach Shag Club

It’s Bo-Time

I vividly remember my first Bojangle’s experience. It was in an airport many years ago where I first learned that Bojangles serves breakfast all day (this was long before McDonalds started), and although tempted to have some chicken with a biscuit side, I was stalwart in my devotion to breakfast biscuits. This was a strong choice at the time, and ingratiated me to Bo-time as I recall it being excellent.

Fast forward to the not so-distant past and many visits over the years later; I’m outside of Atlanta, I am hungry, I see a Bojangles, I again crumble to my predisposition for eggs and bacon on a biscuit, I am pleased, I think “I should really get these more often…”

Leap with me again to the present, I am late to work and hungry, for I have skipped breakfast. A foolish maneuver. I see a Bojangle’s, I recall the Atlanta visit, I seek respite.

Upon ordering I am presented with an exceptionally salty, slightly crumbly biscuit. There is a slight buttery crispness to the exterior. Within the sandwichy enclosure is completely unremarkable eggs and bacon (not bad, just not worth noting. It’s at this time that I have a stunning revelation.

Respectable girth.
Respectable girth.
Little squishy aren't we?
Little squishy aren’t we?
I love the coffee cup.
I love the coffee cup.


They’re good, just not strong enough to carry a meal on their own, and I truly believe that while their breakfast all day is an awesome idea, stick to the chicken and biscuits.

See you real soon,

Charlie Mewshaw

Hangin’ with The King

Once bitten, twice shy. The last fast food biscuit write up was the atrocious Hardees experience, which you can catch up on here if you like. Because of this, I approached this one with great trepidation. The locale was a somewhat isolated Burger King, which contributed to my concerns. Despite having received a recent facelift, this location sits in the parking lot of a real bummer of a shitty shopping center.

Home of the Whopper…and hot dogs…and fried Cheetos branded snacks

Another reason I’m suspicious is that me and the King have a tumultuous relationship (rodeo burger aside, that was my jam in 1999). The roots of my doubt are tied to the fact that in 1989, in the height of turtle-mania, at a Burger King that still stands in Raleigh NC, I sold all future rights to happy-meal toys for a single shot at a TMNT kid’s meal. Coming fresh off of their Alf puppet run (I had “Cookin’ with Alf”, he came with a 45 you could play an awful song off of), I believed that the BK Kids Club was where it was at, and their TMNT line would be amazing.

Kids Club? Sure! (said 7 year old me)
Kids Club? Sure! (said 8 year old me)
Cookin' with Alf was, and still is amazing
Cookin’ with Alf was, and still is amazing

My father was an ardent non-believer in kid’s meals. They’re a rip-off you see, wasteful and overpriced, (spoken like a real life Burgermeister Meisterburger). He made me promise that if he got me this one BK TMNT kid’s meal that I would no longer be allowed to get a kid’s meal…ever again. You would think this was a just ruse to get a kid to shut up….NOPE.

After this hunk of garbage, I can see why...
After this hunk of garbage, I can see why…

I traded my BK Kids club membership in for a Raphael toothbrush holder, and my world was never the same again. It was sooooo lame. I feigned excitement all the way home, put it in the bathroom, and immediately realized the error of what I had done. Surely, he would forget and I could get back on the kid’s meal wagon some day…NOPE. NEVER AGAIN. I even recall being out with my grandmother, and little brother later, and she would ask if I wanted a happy meal here or there, and out of the knowledge that the big man meant business, the response was always “I’m not allowed”. I was so afraid of breaking this rule, that I adhered to it for the rest of my childhood – full disclosure, I had a pretty great childhood, and was not wanting for toys, only kid’s meals…and I am aware of how ridiculous it is to lament such an experience.

…but I digress…

On THIS morning, I went with the standard bacon egg and cheese biscuit, presented by a man so courteous, professional, and enthused I thought he may be a lord or at least knight in the court of the Burger King. Turns out he was just a normal dude, working the drive through, but I was given my breakfast with such aplomb that I knew, this would not be a repeat of the Hardees incident. At about 2” tall by 3” wide, the breakfast delight appeared of average stature. Of note was its golden (not unlike the Burger King’s crown) buttery exterior, and yellow viscously melty cheese running forth over healthy cuts of bacon that appeared as that of the homemade variety (the eggs just kind of looked like eggs). It was a site to behold.

IMG_8819 IMG_8821

The wrapper was surprisingly greasy compared to the biscuit itself, I suspect that this was a product of the bacon, and not a big deal…because this was a good biscuit. I will say that the consistency was a liiiittle doughy, so as far as fast food biscuits, McDonald’s has it beat, but compared to Hardees, it’s amazing.

Truly, this was fit for a king, or at least a nobleman, or a guy running late to work who didn’t eat breakfast before leaving.

See you next time,

Charlie Mewshaw