Beam and Cola in a can? What fresh hell is this? Is it a weird chemical flavored malt beverage, or is it a real whiskey/coke? Oh, I’m getting to the bottom of this.

The ABV is 5%, and it comes in a basic 12oz can, clearly branded as a Jim Beam product. Now anyone who has ever made a whiskey/coke knows that there is generally going to be way more alcohol in a self-made cocktail than that, so right off the bat I’m wondering what this is going to taste like.

Around 10pm on a chilly fall evening in a rural garage, the ceremony unfolded. Upon cracking it open and giving a sniff, it smelled like it should. It was then that the oddity was brought before a committee of four dedicated biscuiteers for a taste test. There was Kevin (Mr. Military Special), AJ (the provider of the pappy), Rob, and Joe. It was immediately met with “what the hell is that?! Why’d you buy that?” by 3 of the guinea pigs, while the 4th, being a well traveled and worldly man, stated “I’ve seen something like this in South America” before describing plain cans marked only with “Rum & Cola” being prevalent south of the equator.

So we drank it. IT WASN’T AWFUL. It really tasted like it should. I mean it was expensive for what it was, and I’m quite sure it wasn’t strong enough, but it tasted alright! I’m not going to buy it again, it’s not difficult at all to do better, but I can think of many ways you could do worse.

I wasn’t convinced that any actually Jim Beam was in this stuff, but after doing a little research I found that this stuff is actually made by a company called Carolina Beverage Group, LLC. Their jam is specialty processes, blending, and canning of unique beverages. Their corporate profile leads me to believe that they actually do simply blend Jim Beam with some RC Cola proxy. Now I want to know what else they make!

Join me next time, as I explore another recently discovered gimmick!

Your host,

Charlie Mewshaw