Sam Adams Exploding IPA

The Sam Adams West Coast Style Rebel IPA is a beer that when dropped on a set of keys will erupt like Mt. St. Helens. I was unloading a variety pack when this can fell out, and landed directly on my keys. One in a million shot. From the windows, to the wall, til the warm beer covered all, this thing sprayed everything and made my house smell like an unclean bar mat at closing time. It was gross.


So a week or two later I had one the way they’re meant to be consumed instead of wearing it, and it tastes just like the can said it would. Rarely is truth in advertising a thing, but they did not overhype any aspects of the beer, so here ya go:

img_9237So yeah, that’s that for this one, it was good. It was never going to change my world, but it was good.

Look, they cant all be homeruns...its not bad.
Look, they cant all be homeruns…its not bad.


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-Charlie Mewshaw