Henry McKenna – Bottled in Bond

Henry McKenna Bourbon is a brand with a lovely origin story. It goes something like this: Henry McKenna immigrated to the US from Ireland with his families whiskey recipe that had been passed down for generations. After settling in Kentucky, Mr. McKenna realized that Bourbon is awesome, but thought “hey, I can incorporate elements of my family recipe, and make it even better!” A big part of his innovation was the insistence on the use of oak barrels exclusively.

As many readers know, for a whiskey to be called Bourbon, it has to meet certain standards. What can be confusing is that there is another set of standards beyond the regular ones for Bourbon to be considered “bottled in bond”. The rules break down as follows:

-the liquor has to be the product of a single distillation season, from a single distillery

-it must be stored in a Federally bonded warehouse under US Govt. supervision for AT LEAST four years

-it must be bottled at 100 proof.

Today’s whiskey adventure brings us to the Henry McKenna Single Barrel 10 year bottled in bond small batch Kentucky Bourbon. This bottle was from barrel 2181, and barreld on 10/6/2005.

You can tell I'm new to this one because there's no story other than: wow, this is great!
You can tell I’m new to this one because there’s no story other than: wow, this is great!

Deep amber in hue, it’s got a big oaky nose, is loud, spicy, and full of flavor if consumed neat. I say drop an ice cube, or a little water into it, at which point it opens up. There’s some awesome dark fruit notes to it, some oak, and you can taste the rye a bit more with the spicy finish remaining in tact.

The business.
The business.

THIS IS AWESOME BOURBON. Big flavors – but clean, mature but not super pricey, I picked this up randomly, and immediately realized I might have a new top fiver for bourbon.

I highly recommend checking it out. I also recommend checking out our charity drive by clicking on the link below:


See you soon biscuiteers!

-Charlie Mewshaw