Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey is one of my favorite bourbons in what I consider to be middle-shelf. It’s got a dark reddish-brown appearance, and has a really good smell to it. The taste is balanced, and once it’s opened up a little, you can taste a hint of vanilla and toffee. Dollar for dollar, I think its one of the most complex bourbons you can pick up without breaking the bank. The finish is dangerously smooth, and I find you can easily get caught thinking “well that was downright pleasant, think I’ll have myself another…and then another”. It’s actually the first whiskey I ever stopped to contemplate when a few years ago I decided that I wanted to actually “get into” whiskey and understand it…you know, having grown out of doing shots as a reckless youth.

They make a rye too, but that's for another day.

They make a rye too, but that’s for another day.

The bourbon world is kind of funny to me in that there are really only few variants in mash bills out there, and an equally small number of actual distilleries making the stuff (most bourbons are made per the owners specs at a limited number of distilleries). What makes it interesting is how despite these limited variations and points of origin, there really unique markers across brands with regards to taste and quality. To that end, while there has never been a Bulleit distillery proper, it is definitely a unique blend.

This is where Bulleit is distilled – the Four Roses distillery. Also, I totally stole this picture, I have never been here.

Fun bit of trivia before we go, you can spot the distinctive Bulleit bottle/label in the HBO series Deadwood. It’s early in the series (season 1?) in the background of the bar where Ron Swanson-er, I mean-whatever Nick Offerman’s character is named hangs out.

Ron’s early days before settling into his role in the Pawnee, IN government…I stole this one too.

Up next time I will take time out of my day to visit a spot once visited by Man vs. Food, hooray!

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