It’s Bo-Time

I vividly remember my first Bojangle’s experience. It was in an airport many years ago where I first learned that Bojangles serves breakfast all day (this was long before McDonalds started), and although tempted to have some chicken with a biscuit side, I was stalwart in my devotion to breakfast biscuits. This was a strong choice at the time, and ingratiated me to Bo-time as I recall it being excellent.

Fast forward to the not so-distant past and many visits over the years later; I’m outside of Atlanta, I am hungry, I see a Bojangles, I again crumble to my predisposition for eggs and bacon on a biscuit, I am pleased, I think “I should really get these more often…”

Leap with me again to the present, I am late to work and hungry, for I have skipped breakfast. A foolish maneuver. I see a Bojangle’s, I recall the Atlanta visit, I seek respite.

Upon ordering I am presented with an exceptionally salty, slightly crumbly biscuit. There is a slight buttery crispness to the exterior. Within the sandwichy enclosure is completely unremarkable eggs and bacon (not bad, just not worth noting. It’s at this time that I have a stunning revelation.

Respectable girth.
Respectable girth.
Little squishy aren't we?
Little squishy aren’t we?
I love the coffee cup.
I love the coffee cup.


They’re good, just not strong enough to carry a meal on their own, and I truly believe that while their breakfast all day is an awesome idea, stick to the chicken and biscuits.

See you real soon,

Charlie Mewshaw