Charity Triathlon-A-Thon 2016 – OCTOBER 23rd 2016


Coming this fall (October 23rd, 2016):

For the last year and a half I have worked for an amazing charity and directly witnessed the positive impact they make on the lives of the individuals they serve. Noting that traffic to the site has been trending upwards, I wanted to leverage that traffic into awareness:

Residential Services, Inc (RSI) is a non-profit charity operating in the Chapel Hill / Carrboro / Durham area that provides living options, and support programs for people with intellectual, and developmental disabilities. RSI promotes quality of life by maximizing self-determination, development of independent living skills, community involvement, meaningful social roles, and socially responsible behavior. One of the benefits the development of independent living skills for RSI residents presents, is the great joy and companionship found through the adoption of pets.

Across the 15 group homes, numerous independent living apartments, and North Carolina’s first ever retirement community for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, RSI’s residents have taken on responsibility for a number of pets adopted from the Orange County Animal Shelter. Part of this responsibility are veterinary costs, which as anyone with pets knows can come on suddenly, and escalate quickly. Unfortunately, this reality presents a uniquely difficult challenge to individuals operating on a fixed income. Earlier this year, a resident’s cat fell unexpectedly ill, requiring surgery. In this instance, RSI staff banded together and raised the money out of their own resources to assist the resident (and cat) in need. This was a beautiful act, however it highlighted the difficulty and uncertainty that these situations can raise.

The goal of this fundraising effort is to generate a standing fund to assist in instances where unexpected medical expenses for animals belonging to RSI residents arise. This fund would help alleviate the impact these instances present, and enrich the lives of the people RSI is dedicated to serving. In order to help raise awareness for this effort, Biscuits Whiskey & Beer is happy to announce the first ever Biscuits Whiskey & Beer Triathlon-a-Thon.

This is designed to be a fundraising event that anyone can participate in, aimed at low-key novice golfers, bowlers, and pinballers that are looking to experience the fun of a charity tournament event without the large scale commitment they usually bring. We will be starting the day off at 9am at 401 Par Golf in Raleigh with nine holes of pitch n’ putt par 3 golf, followed by some bowling at The Alley, and cap it off with some pinball. In order to participate I would ask that you make a donation to the cause (every little bit helps, there is no minimum). For your donation you will receive entry into the tournament roster, and some beverages. Donations of $25 dollars or more will receive a commemorative shirt, beverages along the way, and a shot at some awesome prizes throughout day (best score, worst score, hole in one, best ball, etc). If only one leg of the triathlon-a-thon sounds like your kind of time, you can totally drop-in/drop-out along the way, just be sure to meet back up at the end for the grand awards ceremony. Even if you are unable to participate in the event, I hope that you will consider donating to this fundraising effort, and participate in raising awareness through social media sharing.

Every little bit helps, and every donor will be named when the funds are donated to RSI. As a further incentive, I will be making the tournament shirts available in exchange for a $20 donation for those who like the idea of helping out, but are unable to participate.

Please contact me directly with your shirt size after making a donation so that I can get those ordered.

Donations/entry can be made here:

All funds will go directly to RSI from this site, Biscuits Whiskey and Beer will not be taking any cut.


What if it rains? If it’s really coming down and the course is closed, we will push the event off to the following weekend. If it’s really coming down that weekend, we will just do bowling and pinball, with a reschedule of golf TBD.

Do I need to pay greens/lane fees? You are responsible for the $8 greens fee for golf, and lane fees for however long you wish to bowl at $3.50 per game, Pinball is 50 cents.This is to break it up in case someone doesn’t want to participate in every facet of the event.

How much driving is there? How’s parking? The locations are just 15 minutes apart and have ample parking – The Alley is on Hillsborough St. but has a garage, and carpooling is encouraged

I don’t have golf clubs, can I still play? The golf course has rental clubs available, or you can ask a buddy to share.

How do I get there?

Links to event locations and addresses for directions: – 5715 Fayetteville Rd. Chapel Hill NC 27603 – 2512 Hillsborough St. Raleigh NC 27607

Does RSI have a website? YUP!

Time-Out 24/7

Time-Out is a 24 hour a day / 365 day a year Chapel Hill institution that has been a part of the community for over 35 years. It has been visited repeatedly by sports legends, featured on Man vs. Food (as a community spotlight, not a challenge), and is widely regarded as THE go-to late night spot by UNC students and townies alike. It’s main location on Franklin St. is a new-ish spot for the establishment with its prior location being a little further down the road, but the food has remained unchanged, and the service is still excellent.

Always open, always good.

The menu is extensive and filled with Southern delights like pork BBQ, okra, mac n’ cheese, greens, delicious pies, and more. A side note on the pies: I have a buddy who while living in the area was known to pick up a slice on the way home from an evening of revelry knowing how good it would be the next morning with coffee. I don’t know why, but this really stuck with me as an amazing idea and I now do it myself. I gloss over their excellent and expansive menu, because while it’s worth mentioning, the main event for me is the chicken and cheddar biscuit.

Rectangular in shape, it’s big (4.5” by 4”), it’s hefty, it’s great. Using once rolled dough (explanation below), the flavor is buttery – but not soggy, a little crispy and light enough that you can eat the whole thing and not feel gross, but substantial enough that it serves as a meal in itself. The freshly fried, seasoned in house chicken, is done just right, and tastes just like homemade. Not too greasy, with a great crispy outside, and never overdone. The use of cheddar cheese over American elevates this biscuit sandwich beyond breakfast item and into the realm of anytime greatness, it’s no wonder Time Out is open 24 hours – I’ve had it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night snack.

This lovely info flier explains why this is an amazing biscuit.
This lovely info flier explains why this is an amazing biscuit.

IMG_9103 IMG_9102 IMG_9104

For an in depth, behind the scenes look at how they get made (theres a ton of butter and a cool custom tray), check out this video from Man Vs. Food:

Over 3.8 million sold...thats nuts.
Over 3.8 million sold…that’s nuts.

I could stop here, but it’s worth noting that Time Out’s long and storied past has involved expansions into Raleigh, a sports bar, and a fleet of roving biscuit-mobiles (you could just call them food trucks, but I like biscuit-mobile), and sponsoring something called The Eno Beach Shag Club with a trailer emblazoned with festive frogs, truly the sun never sets on the Time-Out empire.

Sports Bars!
Sports Bars!
Biscuit Mobiles!
Biscuit Mobiles!
Beach music enthusiast sponsored trailers!
Beach music enthusiast sponsored trailers!

The environment is always upbeat and I’ve had many magical Time-Out late night adventures, but one of note stands out. This past winter I was in line with some friends, having just come from a show at Local 506, reveling in the glow of cheap domestics, a traveling Australian man came in behind us and proceeded to ask what the fuss was about. We informed him of the biscuit, and proceeded to have an hour long conversation about individuals who don’t wear shoes to the shopping mall (bogans), controversial politicians, sports, computers, individuals who engage in questionable activities with sheep (New Zealanders – per the Aussie), bars, and Paul Hogan (a national treasure – again, per the Aussie). Basically Time-Out’s chicken cheddar biscuits facilitated a diplomatic exchange between two nations that served to strengthen international bonds, heavy stuff man.

"G'day mate, come fer ya biscuits I have." -Paul Hogan, National Treasure of Oz
“G’day mate, come fer ya biscuits I have.”
-Paul Hogan, National Treasure of Oz

Until next time biscuiteers,

Charlie Mewshaw

Links to businesses mentioned: – Time Out’s site – Local 506 – Australia – The Eno Beach Shag Club

Bulleit – Bourbon

Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey is one of my favorite bourbons in what I consider to be middle-shelf. It’s got a dark reddish-brown appearance, and has a really good smell to it. The taste is balanced, and once it’s opened up a little, you can taste a hint of vanilla and toffee. Dollar for dollar, I think its one of the most complex bourbons you can pick up without breaking the bank. The finish is dangerously smooth, and I find you can easily get caught thinking “well that was downright pleasant, think I’ll have myself another…and then another”. It’s actually the first whiskey I ever stopped to contemplate when a few years ago I decided that I wanted to actually “get into” whiskey and understand it…you know, having grown out of doing shots as a reckless youth.

They make a rye too, but that's for another day.
They make a rye too, but that’s for another day.

The bourbon world is kind of funny to me in that there are really only few variants in mash bills out there, and an equally small number of actual distilleries making the stuff (most bourbons are made per the owners specs at a limited number of distilleries). What makes it interesting is how despite these limited variations and points of origin, there really unique markers across brands with regards to taste and quality. To that end, while there has never been a Bulleit distillery proper, it is definitely a unique blend.

This is where Bulleit is distilled – the Four Roses distillery. Also, I totally stole this picture, I have never been here.

Fun bit of trivia before we go, you can spot the distinctive Bulleit bottle/label in the HBO series Deadwood. It’s early in the series (season 1?) in the background of the bar where Ron Swanson-er, I mean-whatever Nick Offerman’s character is named hangs out.

Ron’s early days before settling into his role in the Pawnee, IN government…I stole this one too.

Up next time I will take time out of my day to visit a spot once visited by Man vs. Food, hooray!

Until next time biscuiteers!

Your Host,

Charlie Mewshaw

It’s Bo-Time

I vividly remember my first Bojangle’s experience. It was in an airport many years ago where I first learned that Bojangles serves breakfast all day (this was long before McDonalds started), and although tempted to have some chicken with a biscuit side, I was stalwart in my devotion to breakfast biscuits. This was a strong choice at the time, and ingratiated me to Bo-time as I recall it being excellent.

Fast forward to the not so-distant past and many visits over the years later; I’m outside of Atlanta, I am hungry, I see a Bojangles, I again crumble to my predisposition for eggs and bacon on a biscuit, I am pleased, I think “I should really get these more often…”

Leap with me again to the present, I am late to work and hungry, for I have skipped breakfast. A foolish maneuver. I see a Bojangle’s, I recall the Atlanta visit, I seek respite.

Upon ordering I am presented with an exceptionally salty, slightly crumbly biscuit. There is a slight buttery crispness to the exterior. Within the sandwichy enclosure is completely unremarkable eggs and bacon (not bad, just not worth noting. It’s at this time that I have a stunning revelation.

Respectable girth.
Respectable girth.
Little squishy aren't we?
Little squishy aren’t we?
I love the coffee cup.
I love the coffee cup.


They’re good, just not strong enough to carry a meal on their own, and I truly believe that while their breakfast all day is an awesome idea, stick to the chicken and biscuits.

See you real soon,

Charlie Mewshaw