Craft beer labels have jumped the shark.

Look, I know labels are important for survival and roping in new customers in the brutal craft beer arena. Without a notable label, an up and coming beer company’s brew can languish among the labels pushing looks that are stylish, modern, ironic, funny, edgy, any other adjective the marketing team of a brewery goes for when rolling out a new beer.

I’ve seen monkey astronauts, retro-pin-up models, wacky paintings of headless horsemen, and even blank labels used to push beer, and they all worked for effective branding. Yesterday I saw a label that did not work.

Oh look, murder beer!
Oh look, murder beer!

Killer Kolsch…ok, the alliteration works, killer is a widely accepted synonym for exceedingly good…but what the hell man? There’s a person covered in blood looking contemplatively down at their hands as the focal point of the design. You know what? No.

What’s the description on this going to be? Something like – murderous malts combine with havoc inducing hops, to slay your tastebuds? No. I will not buy your murder beer, I find it distasteful. It’s not as bad as ISIS IPA, but it’s not good either.