Duke Regional – Institutional Biscuits

The institutional dining scene isn’t generally what comes to mind when searching for killer biscuits. I recently found myself on a few 24 hour cycles at Duke Regional Hospital (formerly Durham Regional), and came to find that their lower level cafeteria, in addition to an impressively diverse collection of vending machines (anyone who knows me, know I love coffee vending machines in particular), they also happened to have a breakfast buffet featuring biscuits!

Imagine the surprise of finding this!
Imagine the surprise of finding this!

After going two nights with no sleep, and riding an emotional rollercoaster, this breakfast/biscuit combo looked magical.

Good stuff, good stuff.
Good stuff, good stuff.

As the aromas wafted up from the tray, and I took my first bite, I thought: crusty but soft outside, a bready inside? Wait a second! This is a roll masquerading as a biscuit!

Wait a tick! This is bready as all get out...whatever...NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM
Wait a tick! This is bready as all get out…whatever…NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM

Whatever, it hit the spot…moving on, the bacon was the least soggy institutional bacon I’ve ever had, crisp, flavorful and not greasy. The eggs were a little watery, and it may be the lack of sleep (its definitely the lack of sleep) but this crusty biscuit/roll thing really complimented the other parts, and may be the best biscuit I’ve ever had (ok, not really, but blissful delirium that comes with new parenthood has that effect).

A big thank you to Duke Regional for offering some thoughtful iterations of comfort food in an environment where people need comfort!

See you next time for a brewery visit.

Your host,

Charlie Mewshaw