Weaver St. Market

Weaver Street Market is a community owned grocery store (co-op) with locations in Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, and Carrboro North Carolina. They offer a wide selection of the types of foods one would expect to find at such a business, lots of healthy, earth-friendly, general hippy wares and goods. They have a vibrant community of supporters, and do a lot of good in the area in the form of food donations for those in need, supporting local farms, and hosting outdoor events. Their community of supporters is really what sets them apart in my opinion. There’s always a colorful cast of characters lounging about in the shared space of the Carrboro location, sharing wine, laughing, dancing, and doing general hippy stuff (I saw a hacky-sack once, and I thought those were all but extinct). One character is particularly interesting, the wife and I have named him “The Bun: Mayor of Weaver”. This is on account of the fact that he is not only always there, but always engaged socially with others, generally holding court whilst wearing fancy clothes, and also his hair is kept in a bun.

Land of wonder, merriment, and The Bun: Mayor of Weaver St.
Land of wonder, merriment, and The Bun: Mayor of Weaver St.

Do not take this jovial description as implying that The Bun: Mayor of Weaver is a soft man, only capable of merriment, no no no, he is a strong ruler. One time I bore witness to his wrath in the adjacent Bank of America parking lot where someone was not watching where they were going, and almost struck him. He let fly with words so powerfully delivered, that fear was deeply instilled in the offender, who fled in shame, with nary an apology. I just stood there and gave The Bun: Mayor of Weaver a knowing nod, this was his turf, and he would suffer no foolishness.

I don’t really shop at Weaver St. except to grab food from their ready-made section and sit outside in their common area, but it’s nice place, and they also do an amazing breakfast buffet, where they happen to make their own biscuits! You can see where this is headed…


On this trip I was privy to a golden brown buttermilk biscuit that was big, yet perfectly shaped…unnervingly symmetrical. I thought it might be a bit burnt, but nope, still flaky on the outside, a little dry and crumbly on the inside (but it is a buffet, so c’mon now), LOADED with high-quality/thick bacon, really good flavorful cheddar, not a ton of egg, but that’s ok, this is a strong choice for only $2.99.


I forgot a measuring device, but take a look at this thing next to a quarter…it’s no behemoth, but it’s no slouch. I’d go as far to say it represents one of the best bang for your buck biscuits in the triangle region.

IMG_8480 IMG_8479

Bonus points for great coffee, and the fact that their breakfast buffet has migas. So there it is, Weaver Street Market – great place all around.

See you soon biscuiteers!

Your Host,

Charlie Mewshaw