Scotchy Scotch Scotch

What can I say about Scotch? It’s revered around world, its production is rife with rules regarding may and may not be considered Scotch, its unit of measure is known as a dram, and I almost never buy it for myself. It isn’t that I dislike it, just that I feel it requires a level of appreciation I’ve yet to develop. I drink Scotch at weddings, I drink it at my mom’s house, I’ve gratefully received it as a gift, yet there is just something about the fact that people form such strong opinions around what is and is not good Scotch that makes it difficult to approach. So when my boss graciously got me a Glenmorangie sampler box as a gift, I was really excited. This represented a chance to try multiple variants of Scotch and not break the bank picking up multiple bottles. I cautiously held on to this box until a visit from the aforementioned Scotch fan, my mom, so that I could share it with her. Here’s what we came up with.

Look at these little guys! So cool!
Look at these little guys! So cool!

The Original

Aged 10 years, this staple offering is warm and lovely. A wonderful single malt with an herbal nose, not light, not heavy…which I guess would make it medium bodied. I’m not sure if that’s the correct way to describe it, but Ive had some Scotches that are way too peaty and overly smoky, this is not that. The finish is spicy/peppery in nature. I like it.

Sherry Casked

Aged 12 years, this one is surprisingly sweet up front, extra spicy, and has a longer finish. It’s warmer overall, but for me just a little bit too spicy compared to the original.

Port Casked

Aged 12 years, tastes like the 10 year but with fruit. Interesting but unremarkable, I wouldn’t go get a full sized bottle.


Aged 12 years, this one has a vanilla nose, rich coffee flavors, with a familiar spicy finish from the 10 year. This one is amazing. It’s complex, and brings something new without stepping on what makes the 10 year so great. This one I would buy a larger bottle of.

So there you go, I talked about Scotch.

The packaging was cool too.
The packaging was cool too.

Until next time,

Charlie Mewshaw