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Steel String is a small brewery located in Carrboro NC that makes adventurous, but grounded beers, and rotates their offerings with amazing regularity. They don’t distribute their beer in bottle or can, so it’s all draught, and only available within a small geographical range. Their staff is amazingly nice, and not in a weird cheesy way. One time after a few too many of their beers, I left a stack of records on the corner of their bar, and the next day I went back to behold that the bartender actually saved them for me! Another time, I was flying solo at their trivia night, killing time until a show later in the evening, and I got absorbed into the staff’s team sitting at the bar. Seriously, really awesome people making amazing beer. It’s always exciting to walk in, gaze upwards at the offerings of the day, and check the “coming soon” board because you know an old favorite might be coming back, or something unknown might be coming the pipe. They really do a great job of keeping it interesting, which is why I hate to say that Dad Fuel didn’t knock my socks off and won’t be a revisit for me.

Steel String Growler with some good reads and instructions.
Dad Fuel
Dad Fuel

Weighing in at 5.1%, and pouring from the growler with a golden color, I was looking forward to seeing what a Steel String Lager would be like. It was light, with mild, but present hop profile, kind of yeasty…reminds me of cheap beer, you know – Dad fuel. I get it, I really do, they wanted to do a version of an easy drinking, every day beer. Thing is, there’s a ton of those on the market for way less money. I love Steel String, and I’ll continue going and trying new things, but this wont be a staple of my visits like say their “Big Mon” and “Rubber Room” offerings…or this one mysterious dark one that I recall from two winters ago whose name escapes me, but it was so good that here I am still talking about it.

Feeling bad about saying anything less than “I loved it!” in the case of this amazing brewery, I made it a point as a postscript, to go in and try something else I hadn’t had before from Steel String before posting. They are as of this writing offering a really cool Coffee Saison that I thought was great…see? There’s something to suit all tastes at Steel String Brewery.

No head, almost citrus sour notes with big coffee flavor, its weird and wonderful.
No head, almost citrus sour notes with big coffee flavor, its weird and wonderful.

See you next time biscuiteers!

Your host,

Charlie Mewshaw