This very special edition of BWB is brought to you from Georgia by way of Tennessee. I was introduced to George Dickel Barrel Select by dear friends Jesse, and his lady-friend/partner in excellence Amy. They toured the Dickel distillery, and thinking of me and my better half, procured as a wedding gift, a bottle of this magic potion autographed by the distiller. How awesome is that?! The process of selection for this high quality sour mash is something like this: aged 10-12 years in a small handful barrels selected as “ideal” by the master distiller, and coming out an amazing amber color like the fossil rocks in the original Jurassic Park. Bottled at 86 proof, it’s got a great nose, with an initial sweetness that doesn’t overpower, followed a great pepper finish. I think a single ice cube opens it up a bit, but it’s fantastic neat as well.


The first time I had this treat was actually with Jesse from a bottle of his own, on an evening that ran quite late with discussions ranging from vintage country music, to contemporary punk bands, action figures and bobbleheads, and in to who knows what else. You know, real deep stuff. Seeing as how he was an amazing host that evening, shared his special bottle of top shelf, and later got me my own, I thought it only appropriate to bring the man in on this discussion. So in sharing the last of my own bottle with him on a fine Georgia evening, here’s a recap of his thoughts regarding a fantastic Tennessee whisky:

“It’s a real mellow sipper with a nice peppery finish that should always be present in a sour mash, makes the lips tingle. I don’t think I’d ever drink this any other way but neat. No ice, and certainly never with a mixer. It’s so good that it’s really easy to let it get away from you.”

-Jesse “J-Mo” Morgan, gentleman, scholar, drinker of fine things

So there you have it, a top shelf overview of a top shelf whisky. Thanks again J-Mo, you expanded my horizons on this one.

Your host,

Charlie Mewshaw